As a successful broker, you are probably already aware of the need for offering web-based forex trading platforms for your clients, as this increases the number of places from which your users can place orders and track their performance. However, many of your traders are now requesting forex trading platforms which have been optimized specifically for use on mobile phones and tablets. What are some of the advantages of mobile and tablet trading platforms, and how will providing the Sirix Mobile and Tablet platforms translate into a benefit for you as a broker?

Why offer Mobile and Tablet Forex Trading Platforms?

First, providing account access by smartphone and tablet encourages brand loyalty, as users are able to instantly satisfy their need to trade anywhere they may go. Mobile and tablet platforms can make trading available in places where even the smallest netbook might be inconvenient, such as on the train or at the beach. While at home relaxing, your clients can also quickly check on their portfolios without even needing to get up off the couch. This ease of use translates directly into higher trading volumes.

Offering mobile and tablet access also makes your brokerage more attractive to the highest quality traders. As the level of disposable income available for investment increases, so does the likelihood that the client will be more tech savvy. This type of trader places an emphasis on staying connected, and is uses smartphones and tablets to interact with others and to stay up-to-date with market conditions. Having a trading platform that fits easily into this lifestyle results in higher levels of engagement, and increases the prospects for turning trading into a regular part of your client’s routine.

Why Choose Sirix for Your Mobile and Tablet Platforms?

  • “On-the-go” trading: Open, close, edit and track positions from any location.
  • Market Watch: View real time rates/ ticks of favorite instruments divided into convenient groups (majors, minors, etc.).
  • Portfolio status: Confirm personal balances, open P/L, etc.
  • Advanced Charts: Discover instrument trends and movements via the advanced chart – with access to historical and real time positions and indicators.
  • Social Trading: Experience the Sirix social community – Analyze the performance of yourself and other members and select successful traders to copy. (*Currently only in mobile platform)
  • In-Platform Deposits: Deposit funds instantly while staying inside the trading environment
  • News and Economic calendar: Read the latest forex industry related news and calendar updates.
  • Easy access: Two trader selected modes of account access –
    Download a native app from the App store/ Google PLAY) or visit the trading platform via a preferred mobile browser.