CRM integration for your Forex brokerage

The importance of a good CRM has proven to be crucial in maintaining a strong relationship with traders. When reviewing performance, it’s obvious that the three essential parts of your CRM system should be integration, integration, and, most importantly, integration.

Good integration is the lifeline of your CRM system, and affects:

  • The quality of data you receive and send – A CRM is only as successful as the data it receives and sends. Bad integration feeds your CRM with data it doesn’t need to hold, and which can be accessed via other means, such as reports and BI tools.
  • The amount of Data you receive and send – If your CRM system is tied up sending and receiving huge amounts of irrelevant data, it’s not going to function efficiently. Aggregation is not a dirty word!
  •  The time constants – Although not all data has to be made available immediately, some information is only valuable at the moment of generation. Having a CRM that can deliver real-time data when it is absolutely critical is key.

LXCRM is built with integration at its core, because it is based on the Microsoft Dynamics .Net Framework. LXCRM is also optimized for use by Forex brokers, who are completely dependent upon the quality and timeliness of the trading platform’s incoming and outgoing data. LXCRM allows you to automate your background trading processes, and concentrate on business generation and development.

In the past few months, the LXCRM development team has been perfecting the integration process. In our initial phase, we built a more robust connection with the trading platform, by creating real time Margin Status notifications. This step was the first of many designed to build a better link between the platform and the CRM, which are two critical components required for Forex trader retention.

How the enhanced LXCRM will help your Forex brokerage

The next natural step is to give our brokers superior tools to communicate with their traders. As we continue to enhance the CRM, we plan to implement:

  • VOIP (Phone System) Integration VOIP integration allows you to call your traders from within the system. It also creates a call log in the system linked to the recorded call’s audio. This gives you the opportunity to easily manage all connections made with the trader, and provides a great data security feature, since you can now hide trader phone numbers in the system.
  • SMS Integration  SMS Integration allows you to send automated and manual SMS messages which alert traders to changes in their account. This can also be used as a great marketing tool, for example, by using an SMS campaign to increase conversion.
  • Expanded Mass Mailing Options – This extension of our existing integration permits you to target specific traders within LXCRM using the Microsoft Dynamics strong advanced find capability, and then send these lists to Mass Mailing systems.

A robust integrated CRM holds a huge value for brokers, by allowing them to make the right business decisions and to communicate effectively with end users. LXCRM is part of a family of Leverate products designed with integration in mind. We recommend that brokers make use of our comprehensive all-in-one brokerage solution, LXSuite, which unites the integration available through LXCRM, together with the exceptional performance of the Sirix trading platform, along with the customization features available through LXAPI, all of which work together to provide both brokers and traders with the best ways to succeed.