You need to rely on your CRM

to help manage client interactions, and monitor the performance of your sales and retention teams. Choosing a platform featuring access to real-time activity reports and seamless integration with your Forex trading platform gives your business an edge over the competition.

LXCRM is the leading CRM

designed especially for brokers. And it includes everything you’ll need to experience increased conversion and retention rates. But here are five short steps that will help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

    • Streamline Data Maintenance.
      A powerful CRM is no match for inaccurate data. Don’t force your sales staff to type in data that can easily be included as part of a dropdown list, such as Country Names. For each piece of information that needs to be entered in as free text, there is a drop in overall accuracy, negatively impacting the creation of smart Workflows and Views. Once you have automated data collection as much as possible, you will reap the benefits of up-to-date reports generated from relevant details.
    • Share LXCRM’s Built-in Reports.
      A good broker doesn’t monopolize the LXCRM productivity tools. Instead, he takes the time to teach his employees the value of each report. For example, the simple “Conversion Report” is a classic tool which helps you compare the performance of your sales team, and even provides a pipeline estimation to give to your Board of Directors. But a conversion ‘specialist’ can also use this same report for self-improvement by viewing his personal history and setting achievable standards and goals. In most cases, simply setting the correct security permissions will allow both Managers and Sales Team members to use the same report without extensive customization.
    • Unleash the Power of Dashboards.
      Dashboards let you get a quick overview of how your brokerage is doing, and take the guesswork out of creating action items, while bypassing the time sink of unnecessary analysis. Openly available dashboards also put more control into the hands of your staff, by promoting team motivation and a healthy sense of competition.
    • Create Unique Views and Workflows.
      While LXCRM comes fully loaded with a wide range of useful standardized reports, you will achieve the highest levels of performance if you take the time to create reports based on how your own brokerage runs. Set up views which help your employees focus on those specific tasks which contribute the most to your bottom line, such as communicating regularly with important clients. Automate the workflow as much as possible and reduce time wasted on low priority activities.
    • (K.I.S.S) Keep It Simple… Sweetheart.
      You’ve probably come across this acronym many times while managing your brokerage. But there is a reason for its popularity. Simple systems work best, and there’s no need to add additional levels of complexity just because you can. Keep your LXCRM platform looking as clean as possible, and remove any fields you aren’t using from page layouts. Lastly, before beginning the process of creating new features from scratch, check your LXCRM manual or contact your account manager to see if what you need is already available, either as a built-in option, or by a minor customization.