A Forex broker that wants to reach out to as many potential traders as possible is a broker that has a trading platform for any situation – for home, the office, on the road and in the living room.

All brokers will have a desktop trading terminal, but not all brokers will have a web or mobile trader, and even fewer brokers will have a tablet trader. A smart broker will therefore be quick to emphasize to traders that you can get Sirix in web, mobile or tablet. It doesn’t matter where they are, as they can login with the same username, and trade from anywhere using Sirix. Ask yourself this – do your traders know that they can trade Forex using their tablet, while watching a football game, sitting on their living room couch?

Help your Forex brokerage make a good impression

Retaining Forex traders is about making sure the impression you gave them when they joined, lasts. There are services that you can offer traders that are a win-win for everyone. You offer them information that helps, and they in turn spend more time on your website and using your trading platforms.

What information can you offer? For your trading platforms, we suggest integrating the news and an economic calendar to keep your clients in the loop for the latest headlines. They will be looking for this information as they formulate their Forex trading strategies, and by offering it, you can prevent them from leaving your trading platform while in search of news.

Keep your Forex brokerage exciting

Trading can be boring. Trading can be frustrating. Trading can require long hours without much profit at the end of the day. So how do you counter this? The answer is simple: make trading fun!

When was the last time you took part in a competition? And when was the last time you made the competition interesting by offering a prize? The fact that you can let your traders see how other traders are doing (and copy them) using Sirix Social, also means you can arrange transparent competitions between traders. Don’t be afraid to dish out some prizes to the winners, as the hype these competitions generate could not only increase trading, but also increase traffic to your platform. Once word gets around between traders, you are bound to attract traders that want to take part. Sirix Social is not just a feature allowing traders to see others and copy them, It’s also a feature allowing you, the Forex broker, to see other traders and arrange competitions for them.

Analyze the Success of Your Forex brokerage frequently

You might ask, “How do I know any of these actions will work?” My answer is two words long: Google Analytics. Your account manager tracks your trading platform performance on Google Analytics. Metrics like how many visitors, what they click, where they come from and more are all available to you.

In summary, driving traffic to your site and converting it will work, but only to a limited degree. The secret to finding new traders and retaining them is by providing great Forex trading experience. Show your traders that you value them by providing them with information, opinions, and new ways to trade. Make it fun!