Change was everywhere in 2014, both for the Forex industry and for Leverate. Advancements in social trading have helped educate traders, and we’ve seen a definite market shift towards new opportunities in Asia.

While no one can predict all of the surprises in store for the upcoming year, we’ve asked a select group of Leverate’s product experts for some hints on new developments expected during 2015. We’ve received answers that cover everything from technology to trader behavior, and we are sharing the most important information Forex brokers need to prepare for the year ahead.

Sirix Product Manager Nir Horesh noted that, “In 2015, Leverate will introduce trader-centric tools leading to smarter and more profitable account management.” Brokers will be able to spend more time on running a Forex business, and less on handholding.

Leverate is dedicated to simplifying the process of starting and running a Forex business. “We’ve spoken to our brokers to learn what will make their lives easier,” explained BX8 Product Manager Amit Sagiv. “Brokers are becoming partners in the design process, and we know that we can’t build the best platforms without listening to their suggestions and incorporating them into the final product.”

The Forex technology playing field is becoming more crowded, making it more difficult for Brokers to determine which solutions provider can meet their needs. Reputation will play an even bigger role in decision making, and Broker Product Manager Oren Mizrachi believes that “Leverate will be able to leverage our strong technological advantage and optimized platform infrastructure into a continued market advantage.”

LXFeed Product Manager Shay Har-Zion is working on trade execution performance, and constantly searches for ways to ensure a smoother experience for both the traders and the brokers. “We are investing heavily in feed availability and stability. We want to provide the most reliable and accurate instrument pricing possible.”

Communication between brokers and traders remains crucial to running a successful Forex business. LXCRM will continue its march towards complete integration with each of the Sirix trading platforms. “Providing seamless CRM connectivity will take our brokers to the next level,” promised LXCRM Product Manager Erez Shilon.

Speaking of integration, VP of Products Moshe Tzvi Wieder expects to see an increasing trend towards consolidation in 2015.

“People are always struggling to keep track of things like passwords and links. Putting as much as possible into one place allows brokers and traders to take advantage of all the solutions that are being built without becoming overwhelmed.”

Our analysis shows more traders accessing the platform from mobile devices, and Sirix is launching a new native mobile app to reach this growing market segment. Sirix Mobile Product Manager Maayan Gottlieb is enthusiastic about the future of mobile trading: “We’re promoting the concept of a truly enjoyable mobile trader experience, by boosting responsiveness and performance.”

Leverate will be focusing hard on social trading throughout the next 12 months. Eyal Yablonka, our Sirix Social Product Manager, is working to “make our Social platform the most trusted and transparent in the market.” Eyal explained further that “We want them using the platform to seek out top traders. By following Masters, novice traders can learn more about market movement.  Your brokerage volume grows automatically as more users take advantage of our copy trading system.”

According to our entire Product Management team, the theme for 2015 is all about “making connections”, and at Leverate, we will continue to design technology and support integration that streamlines Forex trading and help build stronger communities.