Any Forex broker knows that the only way they can grow their business is by retaining existing traders and also recruiting new traders.

It seems a simple enough task – capture visitors, show them your spreads and convert them into traders. Sadly, it isn’t as easy. So what’s the magic formula? What should you do to attract and keep traders? While I can’t offer a magic formula, I can share some insights.

How can you improve the message of your Forex brokerage?

Forex traders have seen it all before. They’ve seen great promotions come and go, they’ve seen slick advertisements from everyone in the industry. No matter how good your marketing campaign is, or how good your affiliates are, they will only bring in the traffic. They won’t convert it for you. This is your job.

Successful Forex brokers have a brokerage blog on their website which is constantly updated, usually on a weekly basis. A trader that reads your blog can see what you think and what you have to say on anything Forex-related. And if it’s up to date, traders won’t think you are slacking about it or that you created it just so you could say you have a blog.

Benefits of Forex Brokerage Blogs

Blogs give Forex broker websites a bit of a personal touch which carry meaning for traders. It’s much like when spending money in a shop, as we all enjoy being given personal service. The same rules apply to a brokerage. Try including in your blog news that you want to share with traders, such as a new promotion, a new advertisement, a new analyst taking up a position or information on upcoming conferences and seminars.

Embedding videos into the blog is also a good idea. Videos are interactive and don’t require the trader to read, instead just to look and listen. In today’s ADD generation, videos are a great tool to grab their attention. If you regularly upload your videos to YouTube, then you can and should develop a YouTube video channel to attract viewers and Forex traders, and to offer an additional way to engage them. Since YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, right after Google, it can prove a good source for traffic and advertising and is cheaper than Google.