SMS/text messaging integration is a tool that Leverate clients were eagerly awaiting, and indeed, this feature received the most requests on the clients surveys submitted to Leverate throughout 2014. Thanks to our new relationship with the leading SMS service provider, Clickatell, Leverate clients are now able to add SMS integration to their brokerage toolkits.

  1. Improved Phone Number Verification

    One of the challenges retail brokers encounter when working with new leads is managing unverifiable phone numbers. A potential trader will request additional information through your landing page, and but when you try to reach him at the phone number provided on the contact form, you find out that it is invalid. This can happen occasionally by mistake, but also frequently stems from an initial fear of exposing personal details online. To counter this, once you have set up SMS integration, all you have to do is configure a simple LXCRM process which will initiate a ‘Phone Verification’. As part of this process, you can promise new traders a bonus code that will be sent in the form of an SMS message. Since all new traders are interested in receiving free money, most will give you their correct phone number without hesitation.

  2. Automated Trader Notifications about Emergent Financial Events

    As a broker you want to give your traders topnotch customer service. One of the toughest situations traders face involves staying aware of the latest financial news, especially during periods of high volatility.  By providing automated notifications ranging from general events in the market (e.g., Financial Reports) to news oriented towards instruments and commodities (e.g., “Gold is going up!”), you can make it easier for traders to engage with the platform more frequently. These SMS notifications can also be tailored to specific traders groups defined in LXCRM.

  3. Notifications on Personal Trading Events

    SMS notifications don’t need to be reserved for global events affecting the entire market. This is where the ‘personal touch’ comes into play. You can use text messages to notify your traders about their individual accounts as well. For example, send the existing Margin Status Notifications via SMS in real time to notify your trader about a potential Margin Call/Liquidation. And don’t worry: to avoid inconveniencing traders, we designed the system in a way which won’t send a message for each minor change in status!

  4. Marketing Campaigns

    Of course, the classic use for SMS notifications is as a marketing communications tool. Retail brokers now have another marketing channel to talk to their traders and leads! SMS-LXCRM integration makes this very easy, since you can use the existing Dynamics Marketing Lists capability to create targeted client lists for your SMS campaigns.

Thanks to the versatility of both LXCRM and the SMS integration services from Clickatell, the capabilities listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage our brokers to experiment to find out how to make SMS-LXCRM integration meet your specific needs, and we look forward to getting your feedback on what additional solutions you come up with!