How registration affects your Forex brokerage conversion rate

You might have the latest trading platforms, a slick website and a fat marketing budget, but if you can’t convert your visitors to depositers, it will all be in vain. One the biggest challenges faced by brokers, big or small, is converting their website visitors into real account trading clients. If you recall, in our previous blog entry, Variety Improves the Performance of Your Forex Brokerage, we asked you to imagine your brokerage as a book store, looking to attract as many customers as possible by offering a wide selection of books. Well in the trading world, your website is your store window front. A good website is one that entices its visitors to stay and browse the web pages for long periods of time (minutes, instead of just seconds – which is how much a visitor will typically spend on a website).  However, even a decent website won’t show the visitor what the trading platform looks like. In effect, the only way a visitor can check out your spreads or your trading platforms is by registering. This is a problem, as it’s a conversion killer. Why would a visitor spend the time registering details for a website they are not sure yet they want to use?

Changing registration to increase your Forex brokerage conversion rate

Leverate has come up with a solution to this dilemma: Guest Mode. Any website visitor can login to any of your Sirix platforms as a guest, meaning they don’t have to register or leave any details. All they have to do is click once and they get to see your trading platforms and spreads. If during the guest session the visitor tries to trade, they will get a popup box with either marketing contents from the broker or a registration form. Every Leverate broker that has started using Guest Mode has experienced large, measurable improvements in visitor conversion.

But why stop there? A broker can take his conversion efforts a step further. Leverate offers brokers powerful tools to improve conversion with existing live or demo traders. The prime example for this is our Plugins — marketing or other content that can be triggered to appear based on conditions (events). For example, ask for a popup to appear to a client when they reach a low margin level, when they close a certain number of successful positions, or if the trader wants to make a deposit. The content for the popup is completely in the hands of the broker. In effect, by using plugins, the broker can insert marketing driven messages into his trading platform in order to incentivize traders.

Leverate’s Sirix platforms empower brokers to improve visitor conversion using fully customizable events. You can show your website visitors what your trading platforms look like, and once registered, you can customize content to appear when they are using the platforms. All this thanks to one click, or one event being triggered – the power is in the broker’s hands.