A guide to future Forex technology solutions

Tracking Forex Brokerage Analytics to Increase Profits

Sirix Forex brokerages now have access to Google Analytics for free
Google Analytics is available for brokers. In just one month, the Sirix Web platform of a single Leverate client received 1.5 million visits. Also, during that month, a whopping 240,000 trades were executed, more than 2,000 users signed up after logging in as guests, and 6,000 […]

Cloud storage for your Forex brokerage

Leverate acquired two data centres in London, each with a fast duplicate internet connection and provides advanced computing, networking and data storage hardware, with the sophisticated virtualization technologies.
Low Latency Cloud Storage is a clear winner
As a client of Leverate, you can benefit from this development, as it allows for reduced latency, increased connectivity speeds and […]

FX2020: Ask the Experts

As the Leverate team looked back over 2014 and reviewed the large number of advancements in trading technology over the course of just a single year, we became curious about whether this rate of change was sustainable over the foreseeable future. We took this as an opportunity to speak with some of Leverate’s own experts […]

Track Your Forex Brokerage Marketing

A successful brokerage is marked by its knowledge its traders – where they’re from, what trading tool they like best, what instrument they love trading on and most importantly – via what medium the trader arrives.
Where are your Forex brokerage clients coming from
As a broker, you don’t have to call your trader in order to […]