Price Feed

Essential Features of a Forex Brokerage Price Feed

In Forex trading, time is money. A powerful data feed is an essential component to any successful Forex brokerage, because even the smallest of delays in the fast-paced Forex market can break the bank. 

However, sometimes brokers have difficulty picking out the data feed that works best for them. Let’s set the record straight on what […]

Keep your Forex Brokerage Clients by Eliminating Spikes

How price spikes hurt your Forex brokerage
Many brokers are aware of spikes, but they mistakenly believe that their impact on revenue is minimal. While fraud inspection is not an easy job, and there are no good ways for brokers to identify all arbitrage hunters, every broker knows those phone calls from traders who suspect that their feed […]

The Trade-off Between Accuracy and Speed

There are 3 common methods for a broker to provide its platform with a rate-feed. Choosing a certain method usually means conceding accuracy against speed, or vice-versa.

Assessing a rate-feed quality requires the involvement of various technologies such as: huge tick-history databases representing a substantial amount of market data-sources and benchmarks, efficient backtracking engines which can […]

Brokers Need an Accurate Forex Price Feed for Up-to-Date Data

Let’s face it: time is money. In the Forex industry, a powerful data feed is an essential component to any successful brokerage, because delays of any length can affect your pocketbook.

Since many brokers have difficulty choosing the data feed that works best for them, it’s time to focus on why Leverate’s industry-leading data feed, LXFeed, […]