Let’s face it: time is money. In the Forex industry, a powerful data feed is an essential component to any successful brokerage, because delays of any length can affect your pocketbook.

Since many brokers have difficulty choosing the data feed that works best for them, it’s time to focus on why Leverate’s industry-leading data feed, LXFeed, includes the features most critical to your Forex brokerage’s success.

Why a Data Feed Matters

A specific currency’s value can shift rapidly in the ever-changing Forex market. That’s why a data feed is the ultimate foundation of any Forex brokerage, because it impacts a company’s main systems from risk management to its preferred trading platform. With tools like LXFeed, arbitragers and scalpers can be prevented from minimizing your profits.

LXFeed: Why It Stands Out

As the backbone of for a Forex broker’s central operation, LXFeed includes a variety of features in order for it to truly deliver the results you need.

  • Full Integration with other Forex technologies

    Smooth integration between LXFeed, MT4 server and a risk management system is one of LXFeed’s main attributes. Brokers can control LXFeed so MT4 can receive a customized feed, helping with the setup of trading terms, spreads, variables, commissions, etc. And, LXFeed has a spike filter to back up the feed before it is sent to the MT4 trading platform.

  • The Most Current Forex Rates 

    Since currency prices can change rapidly on any given trading day, LXFeed is capable of citing the most recent, accurate rate possible for a Forex currency pair. This goes a long way in helping brokers reduce the risks and costs associated with running a brokerage.

  • Works with LXRisk

    LXFeed is especially great when paired with LXRisk, Leverate’s robust risk management system. We know that information essential to Forex brokers, like Profit and Loss, is affected by the data feed, which is why LXFeed can help reduce arbitrages and scalping. Both can help turn your brokerage into an industry leader.