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Keep Your Forex Brokerage One Step Ahead of the Competition

A Forex broker that wants to reach out to as many potential traders as possible is a broker that has a trading platform for any situation – for home, the office, on the road and in the living room.

All brokers will have a desktop trading terminal, but not all brokers will have a web or […]

Reinventing the Forex Brokerage Trading Platform

Why Leverate chose to modernize the new Sirix Web Forex platform
Earlier this year, Leverate launched the new Sirix Web trading platform based on modern web technologies (HTML5/CSS3), to replace older, Flash based versions of Sirix Web. Redesigning and rebuilding a popular trading platform is not a small project, but we knew that this crucial step […]

Steven Kruger our General Counsel talks about regulation

Proper risk management is vital for a retail brokerage.
In an industry of uncertainty, one must take all steps required to eliminate unnecessary variables. Most of the hedging strategies are based on either “trading room hedging” or “per-trader hedging”. The former keeps the trading room at a relatively high level of both risk and profit, and […]

Converting Your Forex Brokerage Website Visitors into Traders

How registration affects your Forex brokerage conversion rate
You might have the latest trading platforms, a slick website and a fat marketing budget, but if you can’t convert your visitors to depositers, it will all be in vain. One the biggest challenges faced by brokers, big or small, is converting their website visitors into real account trading […]

Finding and Keeping Forex Traders

Any Forex broker knows that the only way they can grow their business is by retaining existing traders and also recruiting new traders.

It seems a simple enough task – capture visitors, show them your spreads and convert them into traders. Sadly, it isn’t as easy. So what’s the magic formula? What should you do to […]

The Need for Dedicated Mobile and Tablet Forex Trading Platforms

As a successful broker, you are probably already aware of the need for offering web-based forex trading platforms for your clients, as this increases the number of places from which your users can place orders and track their performance. However, many of your traders are now requesting forex trading platforms which have been optimized specifically […]

Do You Really Know Your Forex Brokerage’s Total Exposure?

Risk management and your Forex brokerage
The most important ingredient in a brokerage’s success, besides a healthy dose of good luck, is proper risk management. In order to properly manage risk, in any given moment you as a broker have to completely and accurately understand your P/L—in real time.

A proper risk management system will allow you […]

SMS-LXCRM Integration Works Wonders for Your Retail Forex Brokerage

SMS/text messaging integration is a tool that Leverate clients were eagerly awaiting, and indeed, this feature received the most requests on the clients surveys submitted to Leverate throughout 2014. Thanks to our new relationship with the leading SMS service provider, Clickatell, Leverate clients are now able to add SMS integration to their brokerage toolkits.

Improved Phone […]

The Tablet: A product that should never have been?

When Steve Jobs and Apple first launched the iPad in April 2010, they were initially met with a wave of criticism based around the theme of: “Who is the target market for this product, anyway?”
Do we need tablets?
At the time, smartphone sales were skyrocketing, and the iPhone was already on its way to becoming an […]

5 Ways LXCRM Works Wonders For Your Brokerage

You need to rely on your CRM
to help manage client interactions, and monitor the performance of your sales and retention teams. Choosing a platform featuring access to real-time activity reports and seamless integration with your Forex trading platform gives your business an edge over the competition.
LXCRM is the leading CRM
designed especially for brokers. And it […]